News in Power Transformer News on April 11, 2018

Power Transformer News publishes an article on the international Advanced Battery Conference “Batterietagung 2018”: The global market for battery energy storage systems (BESS) is set to grow by a rate of approximately 19 per cent per year until 2025, a recent study finds, which was published on Tuesday alongside Batterietagung 2018 conference in Münster, Germany. […]

10th International Symposium: Advanced Battery Power – Kraftwerk Batterie

Modern life thrives on the availability of electrical energy. Countless applications spanning from medical to industrial and consumer products have been made possible only by modern battery technology. Albeit both, limited energy density and high costs, sectors such as mobility, communications, renewable energy, count on the development of rising storage performances with regard to price, […]

Call for Papers with record number of participants!

Thank you for the large number of papers. More than 240 abstracts (poster and speech) have been submitted for the international conference “Kraftwerk Batterie / Advanced Battery Power”. The scientific advisory board needs some time to evaluate the papers and organise the final program with about 60 speeches. You will get more information in December. […]