Battery cooling for mobile applications

Cooling systems for lithium-ion batteries - constant, consistent temperature profile for long-term performance

Technotrans Batteriekühlung
Technotrans Batteriekühlung Schienenfahrzeuge

No matter how much cooling is required or under which ambient conditions the energy storage system is used – zeta.line always ensures the ideal operating temperature. Thanks to its customised design, the use of state-of-the-art communication technology and diagnostic systems, e.g. CAN bus, zeta.line becomes an integral part of the overall energy storage system.

Equipment & options:

  • complete thermal management system for energy storage systems
  • compact and light design
  • standard or customized housing
  • active cooling via refrigeration compressor
  • passive coling for energy saving operation
  • open and closed fluid concepts
  • supply of several users
  • synchronized communication to battery management system via bus systems
  • qualification processes for mobile applications

Technical data:

  • refrigeration capacity: 2 kW – 20 kW
  • optional heating capacity: 1 kW – 10 kW
  • climatic conditions: – 40°C – + 55°C

The technotrans group of companies concentrates on applications in industrial cooling. With 17 locations and more than 1450 employees we are active worldwide.

The function and endurance of Li-Ion batteries as energy storage devices for electrically powered vehicles is affected by the operating temperature. Consistent temperature control of the energy stores in road and rail vehicles ensures a long working life.

technotrans offers individual cooling concepts for mobile and stationary applications in electric mobility.


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