IPCEIs on battery manufacturing – Status quo and outlook

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The two Important Projects of Common European Interest (IPCEI) on Batteries unlocked billions of euros to be invested into building the European battery value chain. These IPCEIs follow the objective spark substencial innovations all along the battery value chain and to scale them up to first industrial deployment. Another important goal of the IPCEIs is the development of solutions for sustainable battery production comprising recycling, carbon neutral production and fair working conditions, not only in battery manufacturing, but also in up- and down-stream industries. So far, more than 50 companies from 12 EU member states have committed to contribute to the IPCEIs with further 150 external partners being indirect benificiaries. These companies cover all steps of the battery technology value chain within Europe.

The presentation gives an overview on the status quo of the IPCEIs to put them in context of the European battery market and political framework conditions. By the time of the advanced battery power conference, both IPCEI projects will be notified by the European Commission and many of the proposed projects will have been started. Therefore, a lot of information about these projects will beshared with the R&D&I community in order to enable networking and cooperation the extensive battery innovation ecosystem and the IPCEI projects. This presentation will provide a comprehensive overview on the objectives and current activities of these projects, conveying a deep understanding of the European battery ecosystem and the role of the IPCEIs.

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