Batalyse- Software for Battery Data Evaluation and Information Management


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The market for energy storage is growing exponentially. This development is accompanied by increasing activity in research and industry for the development and selection of better material systems, cells, modules and batteries.

As the number of tests increases, so does the amount of test data and information. Both must be efficiently evaluated and organized. In addition, large amounts of metadata are generated during the production and testing of electrodes/electrolyte/cells/modules/batteries. All information from applied materials (e.g. manufacturer, purity), process parameters (e.g. drying temperature, line pressure), tool properties, test cell design, test conditions and test plan must be documented.

Fraunhofer ICT develops „Batalyse“ software tools for data evaluation and management. The aim is to be able to evaluate measurement data universally and automatically for each measuring station type, each measuring method and each test plan. The time-consuming evaluation process is reduced from many hours of manual work to a few seconds.
With an optimized data management the entire process chain from the raw material to the final product is saved in a flexible database linking electrochemical properties of a cell with its production process parameters.

ICT further develops the „Batalyse“ software tools in the BMBF-funded InZePro cluster projects KontElPro, for solvent-free electrode production and AgiloBat2, for the agile production of format-flexible cells.

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