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As leading international supplier along the pre-press stage as well as of rotogravure and embossing tools, flexographic printing and special machine construction, the company offers a comprehensive expertise in five different business areas, which are now integrated as individual sub-brands under the umbrella brand of the SAUERESSIG Group.

SAUERESSIG Engineering as one of the divisions is a reliable partner for the battery / capacitor industry with deep knowledge of the market demands. The growing demands for the batteries / capacitors require increasingly more complex processes and reliability of the production and therefore the most sophisticated production engineering.

Saueressig’s product range covers state of the art calender and powder mill systems.

Only if all individual ideas of a machine are fulfilled, we can achieve what we aim for: Technology full of innovative power.

Laboratory calender

From development to the serial product Calenders from Saueressig can fulfil the high requirements of the battery industry

Within the manufacturing process of electric energy storage systems, the condensing of electrode tapes plays a crucial role. This step significantly influences the performance of the later energy storage systems – be it in the production of accumulators, Li-ion batteries or capacitors. With highly performative and precise calenders, not only the connection between active materials and current collectors is improved, but also the electrode density and the conductivity. Therefore, this process step optimises the performance data of the batteries and/or capacitors.

Completely independent from the coating process is the so-called dry film manufacture. Already today, it has established itself on the market besides the “classic” wet coatings. Inside a calender that was specifically developed for this process by SAUERESSIG Engineering, dry, powder-type active materials are compressed to a self-carrying film and bonded with the deflector in a subsequent laminating process. This production technique increases the economic efficiency of battery/capacitor production, as the processing of so-called dry films enables the manufacture of active materials without special binding agents and solvents, and therefore without subsequent drying or disposal steps. This also entails a higher degree of sustainability. The material widths of up to 700mm that can be achieved with this calender set new benchmarks in the production of capacitors. Moreover, the experts at SAUERESSIG Engineering offer a fully-automated and user-friendly solution. Besides production lines for the manufacture of large series, SAUERESSIG Engineering now also offers a laboratory line, which is unique due to its compact dimensions and performance. Mounted on a workshop wagon and therefore completely mobile, this small powerhouse is constructed in a very flexible manner. With 15t of gap load and electrically heated rollers (up to 150°C), the lab line can even compete with large production lines. Lab processes can be scaled up to industrial mass production without significant deviations.

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