ACCURE Battery Intelligence GmbH

Cloud-based battery analytics software

Safe, reliable, and sustainable​

ACCURE Battery Intelligence emerged from the largest European research group for battery systems at RWTH Aachen University. ACCURE combines cutting-edge research with a practical understanding of the industry’s challenges to deploy, operate and recycle batteries safely and effectively. Today, more than 30 battery experts and data scientists collaborate to support companies worldwide in making batteries safe, reliable, and sustainable.

How is your battery?

To optimize a battery system’s design and operation, engineers are reliant on accurate field data.

Battery systems produce thousands of data points every day through their Battery Management System (BMS). But field data is often proprietary, inconsistent, and unreliable, rendering much of this data unusable. The ACCURE cloud platform makes handling proprietary battery data easy. Our powerful, scalable data engine handles the complexity of thousands of different battery types and their respective data (including field data, data sheets, lab tests, and warranty conditions) and empowers engineering teams to get to meaningful results faster and more reliably.

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ACCURE Battery Intelligence GmbH

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