Dr. Gerhard Hörpel

GBH Gesellschaft für
Batterie Know-how mbH

Lerchenhain 84
48301 Nottuln
Phone: +49 2502 223316
Mobile: +49 151 52738272
Email: gerhard.hoerpel@gbh-energy.de
Website: www.gbh-energy.de

  • In-depth industry knowledge about lithium ion batteries, components and materials
  • Many years of experience with technical due diligence
  • Broad network of experts in science and the industry
  • Access to the latest scientific results
  • Globally renowned conference speaker
  • Scientific consultant to the German federal government on building infrastructure for electromobility as part of the national platform for electromobility (NPE)

Consultant at GBH Gesellschaft für Batterie Know-how mbH, Nottuln, Germany.

Technical and Administrative Director at MEET Batterieforschungszentrum (Battery Research Center).

MEET project lead: Worked on the planning and creation of the Meet Batterie Institut in Munster, Germany, with 150 employees from 16 countries.

Invented, developed, produced and marketed the ceramic separator SEPARION® at Evonik, in part in internal startups. SEPARION® is currently used in various commercial battery cells.

Held various (international) positions in research, production, quality management and business development at Evonik.

Dissertation on polymers in medical applications.

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