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  • Please give us a short text summary of your poster in a length of 1500-3000 characters.

  • Please create a brief introduction (video duration: 2 minutes) and a PDF file presentation (8 pages max., format horizontal).

    Please send us your video file using a file hosting service of your choice (e.g. WeTransfer, Dropbox, Wikisend, sendanywhere, Terashare). Enter the download URL and, if necessary, the authorization code for the download in the forms below. Alternatively, you can have the download authorization sent to us from the file transfer portal to the following email address:

  • Please submit your poster additionally in the form of a PDF file (format horizontal, 8 pages max.).

  • Akzeptierte Dateitypen: pdf, Max. Dateigröße: 32 MB.
    Possible file format: pdf
    8 pages max.
    format horizontal

  • A preview as JPG is very welcome.

  • Akzeptierte Dateitypen: jpg, jpeg, png, Max. Dateigröße: 32 MB.
    Possible file formats: jpg, jpeg, png
    This file serves as a preview in addition to your text summary (not mandatory).

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