Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Ketter

Professor Wolfgang Ketter is Director of the Institute of Energy Economics and Chaired Professor of Information Systems, University of Cologne. He is also Academic Director of the Erasmus Centre for Data Analytics and Director of the Erasmus Centre for Future Energy Business at the Rotterdam School of Management, Erasmus University, where he is Professor of Next Generation Information Systems.

He leads a team of interdisciplinary researchers in discovering how we can rapidly exploit advances in computing power to create a faster, more sustainable transition to clean energy and mobility. Ketter is advancing a new paradigm that builds communities of researchers who learn from each other in fast-paced competitive environments that model important societal challenges, such as the future of energy markets. He is co-founder of one of the world’s largest AI-driven market simulation platforms, Power TAC .
As fellow and member of the WEF Global Future Council on Mobility and Energy Policy Advisor to the German government, his focus is on developing collaboration with business and policymakers to field-test digitalization of the energy landscape in projects such as the EU’s Ruggedized smart-city initiative and the Rotterdam Port Energy Cooperative.

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