INFICON GmbH in Cologne is one of the world’s leading developers, producers and suppliers of instruments and devices for leak testing. The leak detectors are used in demanding industrial processes in production and quality control and cover a wide range of applications.

INFICON’s main customers are manufacturers and service companies for air conditioning and refrigeration equipment, the automotive and automotive supply industry, the semiconductor industry as well as manufacturers of leak testing systems. Nearly all automotive manufacturers and their suppliers are INFICON customers.

With technology from INFICON, for example, airbags, air conditioning systems, fuel tanks, injection systems, fluid reservoirs and alternative drive systems – traction batteries, fuel cells and all their components – are tested.

Innovation based on proven technology

INFICON develops, manufactures and supplies innovative measurement devices, precise sensor technology and progressive process control software to help companies meet today’s manufacturing challenges.

INFICON proven solutions are widely accepted for common pretesting of components for battery modules and assembled battery packs. Our experience in refrigerant, hydrogen and helium leak testing allowed us to develop the first dedicated battery leak detector, which will give you a competitive edge in delivering the highest quality batteries.

Unique Leak Testing Technology through Detection of Electrolyte Solvents

ELT3000 Electrolyte Battery Leak Detector

With the ELT3000, INFICON offers a unique test system for battery cells that helps you comply with the ISO9000 standard. It is the only system that determines leakage directly, rather than through indirect parameters (like pressure changes). Based on mass spectrometer technology ,it can find leaks 1,000 times smaller than the ones found with traditional pressure test methods. The new ELT3000 helps you to guarantee battery lifetimes of up to 10 years.

Operating the system is intuitive – no costly training courses are needed. The modular design makes it easy to integrate the ELT3000 into your automated processes.

Advantages at a glance





Highest Measurement Certainty and Fastest Throughput for Battery Pack Testing

XL3000flex Helium and Hydrogen Sniffer Leak Detector

The XL3000flex is the ideal instrument for robotic leak testing of battery packs to fulfill the leak rate requirements for IP67/ IP69K.  It uses the INFICON High Flow Technology: the device operates with a gas flow of 3000 sccm – the highest gas flow available on the market today. This allows the sniffer tip to be moved over the test piece at a safety distance and at a higher speed, for high efficiency leak testing.


The XL3000flex provides the best flexibility to choose the test gas which is easiest to obtain according to lower cost. It is the first device to detect leaks with forming gas (95% nitrogen and 5% hydrogen) as accurately as with helium, with a smallest detectable leak rate of 1 ∙ 10-7 mbar∙l/s for both test gases. 

Advantages at a glance

Exceptional reliability

High level of plant availability

Maximum production reliability

Minimum running costs

Reliable Leak Testing in the Changing Automotive Industry

The automotive industry is in the midst of a massive technological transition – from conventional propulsion systems towards new drive technologies, such as purely electric propulsion or fuel cell technology.  When new technologies are introduced, it is particularly important to avoid early failures to ensure increasing consumer acceptance of the new drive systems. This is accomplished through increasingly high standards in quality assurance which leads to a multitude of new application scenarios for leak testing.

In addition to traditional applications such as fuel tanks, injection systems, airbag generators and igniters, INFICON also offers solutions for battery cells and packs, electric motors, fuel cells and their components, as well as auxiliary units of modern drive modules.


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E-Mobility: Leak Testing for Electric and Fuel Cell Vehicles

Test tasks in the industrial production of BEV/PHEV/FCV vehicles: for the production of drive batteries, electric motors and fuel cells

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Please see our presentation about
"Advances in Direct Electrolyte Leak Testing of Pouch and Hard Case Lithium-Ion Battery Cells" at the conference on April 28 in Session 1B: Production at 12:00am

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Please see our presentation about
„Advances in Direct Electrolyte Leak Testing of Pouch and Hard Case Lithium-Ion Battery Cells„
at the conference on April 28
in Session 1B: Production at 12:00am